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Our Mission as the Business Council of Greater Montgomery is to effectively provide representation for all businesses. We will support, promote and further develop economic prosperity while recognizing the unique and individual character of the community in which the business has established their identity.

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Grand openings, ribbon cuttings, networking events  and community happenings can be found on our calendar.

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Search our Member Directory listing to support local businesses. Smart search and radius search.

How We're Different

We are not a Chamber of Commerce. Watch this video and see just one example of what makes us different. 


Introductions to leaders in your industry and mentors to utilize based on a personalized set of goals for your business.


Internship opportunities and local school to work programs, initial interview and mentor match.


Regular invitations to and reports on webinars/seminars with information pertinent to your industry. 

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It’s ok to think global, as long as you shop local.

Our membership directory will help you find the best local retailer, restaurant, or service company in the Maybrook, Montgomery, and Walden area. 

They are eager to meet you. 

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Thank You, Corporate Members

Randi Picarello - Business Council of Greater Montgomery
Message from Executive Director

Randi Picarello

Welcome to the Business Council!

The board of directors and I are so proud to bring you this resourceful website for the New Business Council of Greater Montgomery.

We have many plans for this initiative and have the support of so many great local business owners and organizations.

Read through the site and learn what we’re all about.

I’m sure that once you see our vision, you’ll want to support our cause. Our mission statement says it best, so make sure you visit that page and ensure to share it with those you know will want to help spread the word.

If you’d like to join us, complete our online application, or call me directly at (845) 457-2600 x1287. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 

While you’re here, make sure you order your Discount Card, so that you support local and save local. The card is accepted in 30 locations in the Villages of Montgomery, Maybrook and Walden.

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