Chris Scaturro

Introducing Chris Scaturro, a well-known figure in the propane industry and a distinguished member of the New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA) Empire State Energy Association (ESEA) and a current Board of Directors member of the BCGM. Chris is not only recognized for his extensive experience in the industry but also an active member in his community.

Chris’s involvement in the propane sector is diverse and impactful. His career commenced at Porco Energy, where he gained invaluable experience, leaving a lasting imprint. Following the acquisition of Porco Energy by Superior, Chris seamlessly transitioned, showcasing his skills at this industry giant and swiftly earning a reputation as a respected figure.

However, Chris’s journey didn’t conclude there. Exploring new horizons, he spent 2 and a half years at ChiliGas.. His varied experiences contributed to his expertise, establishing him as a well-rounded professional in the propane community.

In 2023, Chris took a significant career leap, acquiring Upstate Energy in Modena, NY. Since then, he has steered the company with unwavering determination, leading to remarkable growth and establishing Upstate Energy as a prominent player in the industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Chris actively serves on the board of NYPGA, currently holding the position of Vice President and secretary of ESEA. His dedication to the association reflects a deep commitment to advancing the propane industry and fostering collaboration among its members.

Chris Scaturro’s narrative extends beyond industry expertise; it serves as a testament to growth, resilience, and community. With a friendly demeanor and a wealth of experience, Chris continues to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the propane landscape, making him a standout member in every aspect. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued success of Upstate Energy under Chris’s capable leadership. Here’s to Chris and his remarkable journey in the propane world!

Chris lives in the town of Montgomery where he and his wife Lindsey raise three kids. Chris is an active coach on his son Jack’s football team. Chris never misses a chance to see his daughter Abby playing soccer on Saturdays. Chris, Lindsey and Kate never miss an opportunity to cheer their kids on.

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