Is Business Insurance Mandatory in NY State?

This interview  between Edison and Greg Hogan of Curabba Agency, known as The Best Insurance Agent in the OC covers the following business insurance questions: What does business insurance cover?  What is the purpose of insurance for business?  Is business Insurance mandatory in NY state?  When is the best time to get insurance? (Biz startup, or after?)  What are the most common types of insurance for business?  What are some of the less known types of insurance? (Those that people should have, but probably don’t).  How do most small businesses handle rental car insurance?How much is business insurance?  How do I know if I’m over or under insured?  How do I know if I have the right insurance for my business? (This is when you give the audience your contact info and ask them to reach out to you)  What’s one insurance question you get often that you wish more business owners were aware of?

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